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Defi APIs.

Use our DeFi API to access more than 15 protocols and  bring to market crypto powered solutions  in no time. From Investment Apps, to corporate treasury or lending/borrowing products, Pile gives you the ability to diversify your offerings while ramping up your revenue, lowering acquisition costs, and improving your customers’ overall experience.

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Our APIs.

Yield API

Give your customers access to an array of protocols that help them  earn yields on their  assets with different risk levels. Customers will be able to invest their capital in protocols of their choice or suggested by you.

Borrow API

Allow your customers to easily borrow assets. All you need to do is deposit enough collateral to be able to borrow a certain asset percentage that  can vary from 60% to 80%.

Trade API

If your customers  wish to start trading tokens, our Trade API enables you to easily offer them to compare prices between DEX’s and aggregators.

Our products are designed with you and your customers’ needs in mind.

Easily deposit funds.

Easily move different assets from your wallet to our DeFi infrastructure in seconds. 

Withdraw funds anytime.

Decide your own withdrawal intervals depending on the protocol and assets you are using.

Create different pools based on customers’ needs.

We give you all the flexibility to create the best products for your customers.
- Decide how many strategies or funds you wish to create
- Choose which protocols to send the assets to
- Control who is granted access to these assets

Retrieve balances and positions 24/7.

Stay up-to-date and in control of your positions to inform your next decisions. 

Download transaction history for accounting.

We know how complicated crypto accounting can be. Access an overview of all current and past transactions happening on our infrastructure to report on customer activities. 

See accrued earnings anytime.

Display APYs and ROIs in DeFi at any time.

Manage, split & execute individualized fees.

To ensure a new revenue stream and monetization, you can charge customers for different fees based on your needs. 
- Deposit fee 
- Withdrawal fee
- Performance fee


Fintech companies that added cryptocurrency features (such as investment) have seen user numbers double or even triple.

Why Pile?

If you’re a startup, neobank or Fintech company your next step would be tapping into the world of crypto.

With Pile you can do that in weeks instead of months without having to worry about technical requirements or capital to build and acquire the know-how  in-house.