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Supercharged financial products.

Crypto-as-a-Service for Startups, Neobanks, and Fintechs.

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Enhance your
customers’ experience.

Better customer acquisition, retention, and unit economics.

We’re passionate about helping you reach your full finance product potential. Our Crypto-as-a-Service solutions allow startups, fintechs, and neobanks to easily integrate crypto and decentralized finance products to their existing infrastructure.

Our goal is to help you open up new revenue streams while attracting new clients and fortifying relationships with existing ones.

At a glance.


Allow your customers to seamlessly invest their assets into more than 15 protocols directly from your interface and earn compelling yields in return.

Secure Wallets

With secure encryption, we ensure state-of-the-art self-custody wallet security. Customers’ assets are always safely locked away, locally on their devices.

On/Off Ramp APIs

As we have seen many inneficiencies and high costs for acessing crypo, we set out to build the easiest, most affordable and scalable on/off ramp layer to crypto.



Up to 3x more revenue is generated by crypto users versus non crypto users

Why partner with Pile?

Supercharge your offerings. Ramp up your revenue.

If you’re a startup, neobank or Fintech company your next step would be tapping into the world of crypto. That’s because you can benefit from better customer attraction and retention, while your customers earn higher yields on DeFi.
However, without the knowledge or capital to build and acquire licenses in-house, you can’t step forward into the finance product future.