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About Us

A New Beginning for Fintech and DeFi Building a Bridge for the Future of Finance

We’re on a mission to give end-customers unmatched access to DeFi products.

Our goal is to empower them to participate in the financial world of tomorrow, where they can benefit from a system that isn’t limited by outdated design.

The current banking system is local, slow, intransparent, and – ultimately – expensive.

The technology and processes used to power the current way of banking were designed almost a decade ago, and haven’t evolved much since.


End users don't have visibility on how banking processes are handled and end up paying the price in time and money.


Financial banking infrastructure are inefficient and are often based on manual processes that make it very slow and error prone.


The centralisation of the financial system has resulted into higher costs across the entire sector.

How to solve these issues?

At Pile, we believe these problems can be solved through access to a financial service based on the Blockchain, made accessible through customers’ current bank offerings.

We build DeFi APIs that fintech companies and neobanks can effortlessly integrate into their services to offer better, more convenient products to end-customers.


By building the infrastructure on blockchain, all transaction and data are transparent and visible to everyone. 


Transactions across borders and currencies happens way faster than in traditional finance.


With fewer players in the value chain, end users can benefit from lower transaction costs and faster processes.

Our plan is to build a bridge between what currently exists and what will exist – given proper time and attention.

Join Us!

We are looking for great people to build the Future of Banking with us.